Directory of South African Artists 

The definition of an artist is wide-ranging and covers a broad spectrum of activities to do with creating art, practicing the arts and/or demonstrating an art. The common usage in both everyday speech and academic discourse is a practitioner in the visual arts only. The term is often used in the entertainment business, especially in a business context, for musicians and other performers.


Featured South African Artists and Art Companies


Artists and Art Companies


Noonday Display
Location: Johannesburg

Tel: 011 315 9581
Fax: 011 805 8246
Contact: Guy Tero

Anna Ivanisevic
Location: Johannesburg
Tel: 083 230 2596
Fax: 011 615 4202
Contact:Anna Ivanisevic

Limited Edition Actors Agency

Location: Cape Town
Tel: 021 424 073
Fax: 021 424 0739
Contact: Lisl Snyders

Mime Artist

Location: West Rand
Tel: 072 746 0093
Contact: James


Location: Randburg,Gauteng
Tel: 083 254 6160
Contact: Adele Mans


Viclectic Artists Management
Location: Gauteng
Tel: 012 361 1796
Contact: Althea Pieters


FrozenSmoke Artworks
Location: National
Tel: 071 268 4479
Contact: Naz


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